A Lifetime of True Love vs Great Sex

I was recently asked if I would prefer a life with one woman in which I find my soul mate and experience true love that lasts a lifetime or would I prefer amazing exciting sex with a different beautiful sexy woman every day for the rest of my life.

My first thought is that relationships are something you do because you want real love and safety and security and comfort and the price you pay for that is that every single day you have to fight and control and tame the beast that is within you that wants to wildly fuck every woman that crosses your path.

Either way you are screwed because no matter which option you choose a part of you will always want more, will want the other option.

But since those are my options I, of course, take the one woman and true love, the choice is actually easy and simple for me. I know which option is real happiness and which one is only superficial.

The third option in real life for most men, of course, is that you find love and a relationship and then you cheat on her constantly, or as much as you can, the problem then is that you are simply a sleazeball, a common liar and cheat, and you quickly lose your soul and that is the worst option of all.

Of course, I will acknowledge, there is a fourth option where couples have an open relationship or marriage and enjoy sex with other people while being monogamous with their hearts and souls but I think that is another discussion for another time and is simply too complicated to get in to in this simple post about traditional paths and choices for relationships and love.

The most honest answer if given the option for all men would be that we have a lifetime of amazing exciting sex with a different beautiful sexy woman every day until 20 years before we die when we find our soul mate and experience true love that lasts the rest of our life.

If you are a woman reading this post, this pretty much sums up men when it comes to relationships and love and sex and this is all you will ever need to know about men. Everything else when it comes to the men in your life is just noise.